Mobile Email


Delivers the best mobile email experience.

  • Automatic delivery and instant notification
  • Read your facebook and twitter messages
  • Preview attachments before download
  • Access phone book and online contact lists
Available on the iPhone

Member of the media? Click here to download our high res screenshot pack. (3 MB)

Watch a demo video on youtube and see how Mobile Email works.

Handpick important emails to be collected in a separate inbox.

Manage multiple accounts seamlessly including MS Exchange.


Complicated? Absolutely not! It's a no-brainer.

Setup wizard

Start getting email on your mobile phone today. Just enter your email address and password. Done!


Stay on top of your communications! Handpick important emails to be collected in a separate inbox for offline access.

Contact management

Select recipients from your address book or access your online contact lists (e.g. gmail, facebook).


Preview attachments before downloading. Attachments are downsized before being forwarded to your mobile device. Send photos from your camera or media library.


Receive instant notification! Set quiet hours to disable notifications at night. Cut distractions by setting unimportant email to silent or ignore.

Smart visual design

Email in style! All esential features just a fingertip away. Works in portrait and landscape mode.

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What is Mobile Email?

Mobile Email allows you to receive e-mails from any account on your mobile device as they arrive.

Does Mobile Email work on my mobile phone?

Mobile Email works on Android devices, on most java-enabled mobile devices as well as on any phone with a mobile browser.

How much does Mobile Email cost?

Mobile Email is free of charge. However, costs for mobile data transfer may apply depending on your mobile plan. Please contact your mobile network operator for more information about your data transfer costs.

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